Scalable DNA Sequencing Analyses

Run what you want, where you want

Features we all deserve

Short on time?

SwiftSeq can perform variant calling on exomes in minutes and genomes in hours.

End-to-End sequencing analysis

Align, clean, and variant call DNA sequencing data using clusters, clouds, supercomputers, or even your desktop.

Flexible from birth

SwiftSeq was designed knowing bioinformatics tools and computation resources are not static.

Your analysis, your workflow

Algorithms and their parameters can be specified using a simple JSON configuration file.

Designing workflows doesn’t have to involve the command line

Use our web app to make things easier

Designed for flexibility and modularity, our web app allows you to intuitively generate your workflow while maintaining the customizability that you need. Workflows are output as a small and sharable JSON file. Simply feed your data and this configuration into SwiftSeq and get back to doing science.